Bonnie joined the Bay Area Pet Pals team in Summer of 2016. She, her husband – and their fluffy adopted kitty, Evelyn – moved to the Bay Area from Southern California in 2015. Bonnie has always been a pet owner and has loved and cared for many different types of animals. She has cared for animals from horses to reptiles, and everything in between. Bonnie believes in treating all animals the way people should be treated: with love and respect.

After graduating from Cal Poly Pomona, Bonnie worked as an equine veterinary technician. Growing up, she rode horses every day and volunteered working on a farm teaching young children about the care of farm animals and how to ride horses. Currently, Bonnie works as a photographer. She loves photographing people and landscapes, but her favorite subject is her cat.

Bonnie’s other hobbies include traveling, hiking, yoga, wine tasting, and cooking. She is a huge supporter of pet adoptions and both she and her husband plan to adopt many more pets in the near future. She is excited to care for your pets and make them feel loved while you’re away from home!