Helen joined the Bay Area Pet Pals team in Winter of 2018. Her sincere love for animals has further strengthened her experience in caring for a wide variety of animal species.

Having worked as a volunteer for stray cat shelters, Helen has a deeper understanding of the many moods our feline companions can express.

Her own beloved Princess, was abandoned as a baby. Helen has raised her since she was just two weeks old. Princess loves to be on Helen’s shoulders whenever possible. Along with Princess, Helen’s furry family also includes Tiger, Whiskey, Condi, and Reagan.

Whether she is enjoying long walks with her own dogs or yours, Helen is a thoughtful and caring pet lover. Her own dog, Condi, is blind and needs special care that Helen has become experienced with. She is gentle and caring which will benefit any of your pets that may also have special needs.

Experienced in caring for parrots as well, Helen has hand-raised a few of her own.

Both feathered and furry companions, from young to not-so-young, will feel safe and cared for. Helen works to adapt to each individual pet’s needs. Her compassion reflects her belief that pets are not just animals, but a part of a family.