Jarod joined the Bay Area Pet Pals team in December of 2019, and he brings a variety of valuable experience with him. Over the years, he has worked hospitality-related jobs, worked at two different libraries, and was employed at two major retailers. Since an early age, Jarod has been filled with a love of animals – especially a love for dogs of all kinds. Since the young age of fourteen, he was the primary caretaker for the family dog, Luna. Jarod recently rescued Chuck, a shelter dog from an animal shelter in Kauai, Hawaii.

Jarod is fluent in English, conversational in Spanish, and he can understand some German. Having spent quite a bit of time as a volunteer with the Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority, he found that the volunteer work with animals was by far his favorite, so he decided that working with animals on a daily basis was definitely his calling.

Jarod loves spending time with dogs of all shapes, sizes, ages, and personalities. He wants to make sure as many dogs as possible are loved and cared for when their families are away – and that traveling pet owners can have true peace of mind.