Jenn joined Bay Area Pet Pals Spring of 2012. She has had a compassionate love of animals and the outdoors all of her life. Having grown up riding her grandfathers’ horses and raising chickens, her appreciation and love for both animals grew. Jenn spent all of her childhood and most of her adult life taking in homeless pets, sick animals, stray cats, and even helping the occasional baby bird.

An avid dog lover, Jenn has taken many dog-training classes over the years at the Peninsula Humane Society. She enjoyed this so much she started dog walking and pet sitting over 15 years ago for her neighbors, family, and friends. Jenn still works with pets and knows where all the fun, safe places and dog parks are.

Jenn’s hobbies even include Herpetology! Her own pets have included snakes, bearded dragons, geckos, and various frogs. Her vast knowledge of the care of reptiles and amphibians makes her a great asset to our team! Currently, Jenn’s animal family is a Burmese Mountain dog puppy, 2 healthy cats, a happy gecko, and a funny frog. She is excited to get to meet your pets too!