Bay Area Pet Pals welcomed Jodi to the team in the Summer of 2016. Jodi has always had a huge love of nature and animals. Growing up, her family would always have at least one dog at home – and often even pet lizards and snakes!

Jodi was severely allergic to cats when she was young, but after moving out of her parents’ house she rescued a special kitten who cured her allergies and became her best friend for over 13 years. During this same time, her husband came along and added two lovable dachshunds to their furry family as well.

Having grown up in South Africa, Jodi has been very blessed to have had the opportunity to get up close with animals of many kinds. Her most memorable experiences being the sight of rhinos in the wild and having had 2 elephants attend her wedding! Jodi strongly believes that pets are not just mere animals. Pets are family and should receive the all the love and care that we are able to give them. Jodi is looking forward to meeting and spending time with all of your pets!