Maya joined the Bay Area Pet Pals team in the Summer of 2014. A true dog lover ever since her family adopted their dog, India, off the streets of Mexico seventeen years ago, Maya loves spending time outdoors and enjoying time with dogs still today. Having spent many of her younger years in Mexico, she lived in a community where dog leashes were unheard of and there were many dogs to play with. Dogs are not the only animals that Maya loves. Recently, her family adopted – or rather, was adopted by – a stray cat that hung around their driveway and insisted on becoming part of the family. It was an easy affection and Mao is now the feline queen of the backyard.

Maya’s experience includes having worked at a dog daycare where she gained valuable skills in caring for different types of dogs. She knows that every dog – and pet – has an individual personality that she values as unique traits among animals and humans alike. Maya’s own pets are quite the characters themselves, and she will never get over how funny it is to see them trying to sneak bites of one another’s meals.

Maya loves to read and write in her free time, and plans on returning to school in the near future to earn her MFA in Creative Writing. Her long-term goal is to become a published author, and she is already working on her first novel. Aside from writing, Maya dances every day, and often finds herself watching medical or astronomy documentaries on YouTube. She is also in the process of relearning her first language, French.

Maya has a calm demeanor and knows that with the appropriate patience, care, and respect, all animals have a lot of love to give. She looks forward to getting to know your pets, and will certainly treat them like her own family!