Nik joined Bay Area Pet Pals in the Summer of 2016. He is a Bay Area native with an affinity for all animals and a strong sense of understanding each pet’s unique personality.

Having grown up with cats and dogs, Nik learned from a young age, that pets are very much a part of the family and deserve plenty of love and attention.

In recent years, he has found fulfillment in taking in two stray cats who were in need of a forever home. One of which he found fighting off a group of raccoons in his backyard! Caring for different animals over the years has made Nik observant and alert to subtle changes in a pet’s general health, behavior, and demeanor.

Nik grew up surrounded by music and studied Sound Arts in college. He is a self taught multi-instrumentalist with goals to make music for film and television. He operates a small music recording studio in San Mateo and loves being able to do the things he is passionate about. His other hobbies include cycling, cooking, and agriculture.

Friends and family look to Nik when in need of a pet sitter for his relaxed approach and patience with their animals. He looks forward to providing loving, quality care to your furry loved ones.