As a Bay Area Pet Pal since the Autumn of 2011, Tania shares her love of pets and her passion for animal care. Friends and neighbors have counted on Tania’s help and advice in caring for local strays as well as their own pets. They know that Tania spent over seven years in the veterinary field as a receptionist, a veterinary assistant, a kennel attendant, and even a groomer. Tania is working on the completion of her degree in animal science and continues to enjoy her veterinary technology classes at Foothill College. She has already earned an AA in Zoology while attending college in San Mateo.

Over the years, Tania has visited Costa Rica, The Dominican Republic, and El Salvador to help organizations for “Perros Callejeros” (homeless dogs). Her training in calming stressed animals and providing pets with insulin injections, medications, subcutaneous fluids, and an ability to carefully draw blood; made her an asset in the local clinics. With her knowledge, Tania assisted with educating people on the importance of pet vaccinations, spaying, and neutering.

She also worked on ways to continue helping to feed dogs and cats that live in the streets. Tania dreams of helping countless animals by creating an organized foundation that helps animals in poorer countries find homes and receive the necessary medical care.

When Tania was just four years old she imagined herself working with animals. Her beloved pets varied from hamsters and rabbits, to birds. When not at work, Tania enjoys her hometown of Redwood City with her three happy Chihuahuas, three adorable cats, and one soft bunny. Tania loves hiking, going to the beach, shopping, arts, crafts, ceramics, and especially going on relaxing bike rides with her dogs.