Zoe joined the Bay Area Pet Pals Team in the Fall of 2023.

Zoe has been an animal lover since childhood, taking in stray caterpillars, rabbits, and cats as a young child. She got her first dog at the age of 11 when a stray mixed breed labradoodle terrier was sitting outside the library in Albuquerque New Mexico and her best brought it to her since she had decided it was high time for Zoe to have a dog as well.

Later, along came the second stray mutt, Stuart Little. Her 2 cats seemed quite happy to share the bed with the two new canines and didn’t seem to mind that they were a different species.

Zoe has been pet sitting for friends and family for about 5 years now, and enjoys it so much she is studying to become a dog trainer through the Catch Compassionate Canine Trainers’ program.

Zoe graduated from The Massachusetts College of Art many years ago, and runs an online animal art business as well. She hails from California but spent her childhood traveling around the country and globe with her eccentric bohemian playwright/puppeteer/composer mom. They once did puppet shows for all the Boys and Girls Clubs in Hong Kong with a translator in tow.

Zoe can’t wait to meet your pets and provide her loving care each day on the BAPP Team!