Brandy joined Bay Area Pet Pals in Summer of 2019. She and her husband have lived on the Peninsula since 2005. Brandy has been an avid animal lover since day one growing up with her best friend, Missy the Pekingese. She also grew up with cats, birds, hamsters and several other dogs. She also use to steal carrots and apples from the fridge at age 4 to feed the horses across the street from her house. Her mom loves to remind her of that story!

Her dad was in the army and she lived in 9 different cities by the age of 12. The Bay Area was always the one place she wanted to move back to, so she was thrilled when she and her husband moved to the Peninsula in 2005. She has mainly worked in retail and customer service for the past 15 years, and is very excited to follow her passion of working with animals. She has a theater degree and enjoys doing plays and seeing as much theater as possible. She also enjoys traveling and rarely passes up an art and craft festival.

Brandy understands your animals are more than just pets. They are family members. She will provide kindness, love, patience and care for all your furry companions.