Heather joined the Bay Area Pet Pals Team in the Summer of 2022.

Heather was born and raised in the Bay Area and joins the Bay Area Pet Pals team with over eleven years of professional pet sitting experience. She has cared for dogs, cats, rodents, reptiles and even the occasional chicken. Her unique qualifications include caring for pets with illnesses including cancer, neurological conditions and aiding those with disabilities.

Heather has never had a time in her life when she didn’t have a pet. Growing up, she and her family would take in any stray cat or dog that would end up at her door. She currently has two cats of her own, Beanie and Mowzie.

Mowzie was adopted twelve years ago and had numerous health issues, which was the main reason Heather adopted him. Mowzie is now happy and healthy and enjoys the company of three year old Beanie.

Heather looks forward to providing excellent care for your furry companions!