Ivette joined Bay Area Pet Pals in the Spring of 2021. She and her husband, along with their orange tabby cat, have lived in San Mateo almost all of their lives. They love this community and enjoy walking the Seal Point Park trail in the morning to enjoy the view of the beautiful Bay Area.

Ivette has always been an animal lover. She has been around animals from parrots, guinea pigs, cats, dogs, pet fish and rabbits. They have always brought her happiness and comfort. As a kid, she even brought home a litter of kittens and begged her parents to let her and her siblings keep them. Her parents immediately drove to the Peninsula Humane Society in hopes of quickly finding them forever homes.

Now she has her cat Steve Rogers, named after the famous Captain America as her sidekick! He has been by her side ever since, and he has become such a huge part of her and her husband’s life. She deeply misses her two guinea pigs, Sulley and Chewy, for they passed away peacefully a few years ago. She thinks about them all the time and carries their memories with her every day. Her wish is to one day own a pet pig – one of her favorite animals in the world!

Besides being an animal lover, Ivette spends her time creating colorful content and sewing when she has the time. She also loves visiting different and unique coffee shops with her husband and family. She has an Associates Degree in Product Development and has worked in retail for over 9 years. She is ready to begin something new and enjoyable!

Ivette is patient, loving, caring, and truly enjoys spending time with any kind of animal. She will treat them like they were her own and will love every minute!