Miriam was welcomed by Bay Area Pet Pals in the Summer of 2018. Having grown up in a caring household full of dogs, birds, turtles, and even a caiman – Miriam’s love of animals has never ceased. She adores all kinds of animals and is very excited to be working with them on a daily basis!

Over the years, Miriam has provided care for the pets of her friends and neighbors. Her experience with her own furry and feathered best friends strengthened her knowledge as well. While living in Atlanta, she spent as much time as she could volunteering at a local animal shelter, where she helped with walking the dogs and cuddling the cats.

In her spare time, Miriam loves to hike in the local forests and paint on canvas. She also works part-time as a librarian and enjoys reading and learning new things.

Miriam definitely provides kindness and positive reinforcement for all the animals in her care. She really looks forward to working with you and all of your amazing pets!