Nina joined Bay Area Pet Pals in August 2019. She loves animals, and she has had the pleasure of having 4 wonderful dogs and 8 cats in her life. She had Buffy (Retriever/German Shepherd mix), Mika (Black Lab/Akita mix – rescue), Nikki (Springer Spaniel/Collie mix – rescue) and Sierra (Golden Retriever). She has gone through all of the life stages from puppy to senior dog.

All of the 8 cats were unwanted or stray cats and added lots of love to her life. Nina’s most recent dog, Sierra, passed away in 2017, leaving a huge void in her life. She misses walking, playing, and taking her to the dog park.

Nina has been a professional dog walker/pet sitter since February 2019. She has enjoyed spending time with each and every pet!

Nina has volunteered for the last 10 years at a local children’s museum. There she handles all kinds of animals (mammals, reptiles, and birds). She also enjoys walking everyday, rain or shine.

Nina is also trained Registered Nurse. Animal safety is paramount to her.

She would consider it an honor to be a part of your pet’s life