Bay Area Pet Pals welcomed Sherri to the team in June of 2015. Sherri grew up in Benicia California and she has lived in San Mateo for over 25 years. Having a big love of the outdoors, Sherri really enjoys the hiking and biking trails all along the bay front.

Animals big and small are all appreciated by Sherri. In her lifetime she has loved and cared for dogs, cats, chameleons, frogs, fish, birds – and even a rabbit and a horse. Some day she plans to make room in her life for a couple of cute pygmy goats, a few chickens, and a crafty rooster.

Currently Sherri shares her time with her 3 cats: Nick, Iris, and Bennie. A wild and feral cat that she later named Bennie, showed up at her doorstep 8 years ago. With time and patience she was able to gain his trust and provide him with a safe and loving home. As one of her greatest challenges; she cannot think of his alternative fate if she hadn’t taken the time to connect with him and give him a loving home.

Friends and neighbors have always counted on Sherri to help them care for their own furry friends when they go out of town. This led to Sherri realizing her ability and knowledge in caring for pets professionally. She is a caring Pet Pal who can’t wait to give your pets love, fun, and attention too.