Bay Area Pet Pals welcomed Vlad to the team in Summer of 2021. Vlad loves all animals and has a special fondness for dogs and cats.

Having grown up with an orange tomcat tabby as his childhood friend, he realizes just how special animals are. Each dog and cat is a unique individual – a soulmate, with his or her own feelings. Vlad now looks after his wife’s two cats, both of whom are aging and in need of medical care and special attention. Both cats were semi-feral and were adopted as strays.

Vlad has been a longtime member of the ASPCA, and the Humane Society of the United States. He is a donor, as well as a member of the Legislative Action Team which contacts politicians at both the state and federal level to promote legislation in the aid of animal welfare causes. He volunteers at the Peninsula Humane Society where he has worked extensively with dogs of all shapes and sizes for the past 4 years. Where he cares for them until they find forever homes.

Vlad is also donor at Pets-in-Need animal rescue in San Mateo County, and Muttville senior dog rescue in San Francisco.

He and his wife also support two cats at the Cathouse on the Kings animal shelter near Fresno, as well as a retired race horse at the CHAS sanctuary in the North Bay.

Vlad was born in Prague (Czech Republic) but has lived most of his life in San Mateo. He is still employed as a bookkeeper and runs a small family trust which takes only a few hours of his time per week. Vlad likes camping and hiking as well as reading and playing games. He also likes to travel and see new places when he has the chance.

Vlad would welcome the opportunity to get to know your animals, and would like to have the chance to care for them when their human companions are traveling or away at work. Every animal is a unique and special little soul and Vlad will treat them that way.

We are very excited to add Vlad to the BAPP Team!