Don joined Bay Area Pet Pals in the in Winter of 2022. Growing up in a family that cared deeply about animals, from an early age, Don took on the responsibility for feeding, walking, and playing with the family’s beloved Dachshunds. When one of them became so sick that she refused to eat or drink, he nourished her back to good health.

Early in 2020, Don and his wife befriended a street cat (tuxedo) who they adopted and now lives with them.

Don is patient and attentive to the nonverbal cues that pets give to communicate their needs and desires. In interacting with pets, he understands the importance of consistent and predictable behavior to build trust and rapport. Pets appreciate a friendly, welcoming tone of voice. Some pets are more appreciative of touch than others, so it is always important to test things out carefully with each one and respect their individual preferences.

No less important are the pet owner’s instructions regarding handling of their pet. The owner knows their pet better than anyone else. Gaining the owner’s trust is just as important as gaining the trust of their pet.

In his spare time, Don enjoys cycling, hiking, reading, and listening to classical music.

It is Don’s constant desire to take good care of each client’s pets and treat them with love and respect.