Prepare Your Pet


Having your pet(s) meet with your pet sitter ensures that they will not be shocked or frightened when service begins. While you are away, it is good to leave an article of clothing that you’ve recently worn near where your pet sleeps as a reminder of you. Sometimes a scarf or other item with your scent can be worn by the pet sitter to further calm a nervous pet. Bay Area Pet Pals will ask you to fill out Pet Information Sheets in order to best serve you and your pet.

Pet Schedules

Cats and dogs know when their owners are gone, so keeping them on the same routine helps them feel more at ease while you’re away. Put out clean food and water bowls for your pet’s use. If there are there certain foods that your pet definitely cannot eat for whatever reason, or if your pet is on a special diet, please inform your pet sitter.

Pet Supplies

Ensure that there will be enough food, treats, kitty litter, and favorite toys for the time that you will be away. Specify any preferred name or brand of food and treats. Leave this information in a handy location in case you didn’t have time to buy food before you left, or in case your trip is unexpectedly extended. Let your pet sitter know: where your dog’s leash is kept, if you have a carrier for your pet, information about pet bedding, tanks, cages, food bowls, and your pet’s health care products. Place any cleaning supplies where they can easily be found if needed, but out of the reach of pets.

Veterinarian Information

Provide and display the name and phone number of your vet in a prominent place. Include the name and phone number of your regular vet and an emergency vet. Notify your pet sitter of the following for your pet(s): medical history, immunization records, microchip or any other identification information, medications, any minor health problems or phobias, or if your pet has ticks or fleas. You will be asked to fill out a Veterinarian Release Form for your pet.


If your pet is on medication, notify your pet sitter ahead of time and provide a list, as well as the schedule for taking them. A Pet Medication Authorization Form will need to be filled out for your pet sitter or dog walker. For multiple pets on medication, it can be helpful to place each day’s separate doses in labeled pill organizers or snack sized plastic bags marked with permanent marker to show: Pet’s name, time to give medication, date, and amount.