Raffle for the Rescues: Bay Area Pet Pals & Rescue the Underdog

Recently Rescue the Underdog has rescued several dogs that are in desperate need of a lot of medical attention.

We know that it’s a hard time for most of us to find funds to spare – but the chance to win some AMAZING PRIZES will hopefully gain public interest so we can afford to provide the care that these dogs need.

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Every dog deserves a chance, and we really need your help to give them one!


Elmer is a very sweet 11 year old who has debilitating dental disease. It’s progressed so badly he experiences incredible pain when he eats. The poor guy has had to have been subject to long term neglect when considering how badly his disease has gotten. Despite all he’s been through, the shelter staff tell us that he is very sweet and loving! He has incredible strength to still have a sweet demeanor considering all the pain and neglect he has been through.


Irene is a gentle 11 year old lady that needs your help. She came into the shelter as a stray and had obviously been neglected for a very long time. Right now, she has many medical issues that need to be addressed. She has a massive tumour the size of a tennis ball protruding from her tummy. It really is heartbreaking to see a tumor of that size on such a tiny dog. On top of that, she also has eye discharge, and will likely need dental care. She has proven her strength by still being a sweet and gentle dog despite all the medical issues she has to endure.


Coach is a wonderful, easy going, cocker spaniel mix that really got the bad luck of the draw. When we took him to the vet we were delivered some unfortunate news, he is diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He will need to be hospitalized for 2 days to treat his cancer. He enjoys walks and taking his time to smell the roses. He doesn’t deserve to have cancer, nobody does, but we need your help to get him the treatment he needs so he can spend the rest of his long life smelling the roses.

Each raffle ticket is $10

You can donate more (in increments of $10) to increase your chances of winning.

1. Click DONATE BUTTON below.

2. Enter donation amount in the ‘Other Amount’ field on PayPal page and then click NEXT.

3. Click ‘Add a note’, and include the following:
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Raffle ends July 18th, 2020 and winners will be notified be email after the drawing (no physical raffle ticket will be sent to you).

Thank you for helping!

Raffle Prizes

"Life's A Beach" Half Moon Bay Basket

“Life’s A Beach” Half Moon Bay Basket

A $200 Value!

All of these items are artisanal products from Half Moon Bay:

  • 1 Apricot Jam
  • 1 Boysenberry Jam
  • Brown Sugar and Fig Scented Candle
  • Garlic Infused Olive Oil
  • 2 Bottles of White Wine
  • Dog & Cat Kitchen Towels that say “Rescue is My Favorite Breed”
  • Cosmetics Bag
  • “Half Moon Bay Wine and Cheese” Coaster
  • “Life’s a Beach, Enjoy the Waves” Plaque
  • Handmade Knit Beanie
"Dog Rules" Gift Basket

“Dog Rules” Gift Basket

A $100 Value!

A great gift for any dog… yourself included!

  • Stuffed Toys
  • Kong Toys
  • Rope Toy
  • Dog Treats
  • Dog Books
Sole Ristorante Italiano

$100 Gift Card to Sole Ristorante Italiano + 2 Bottles of Wine

A $200 Value!

Sole Ristorante Italiano in San Mateo offers delicious home-style Italian dishes. Included with the card are 2 bottles of red Italian wine in gift bags that are great for gifting in pinch!

Small Dog Grooming at Fancy Feet Grooming

Small Dog Grooming at Fancy Feet Grooming

A $58 Value!

Gentle groomers in Belmont that would pamper your pup with a little makeover. (650)594-9200

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Large Dog Grooming at Fancy Feet Grooming

Large Dog Grooming at Fancy Feet Grooming

A $78 Value!

Experienced groomers in Belmont that help with a multitude of grooming needs. (650)594-9200

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Togs For Dogs and Cats too - San Mateo, CA

Gift Certificate to use at Togs for Dogs & Cats Too Pet Store

A $100 Value!

A small shop in San Mateo with a lot of love and cute pet toys, specialty items, treats, and foods. Certificate paid for by the fine owners of Bay Area Pet Pals!

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ObstaCourse Fitness

4 Week Membership at Obstacourse Fitness in Redwood City

A $99 Value!

Enjoy real coached virtual workouts at home and access to the in gym’s OC ZONE Workouts once they can reopen.

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The Calm Dog

Three (3) Personalized Dog Training Sessions from The Calm Dog LLC in Redwood City

A $900 Value!

Focuses training for family dogs with a balanced approach.

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